Doing Business in Carterton

Last updated: 05 May, 2022 02:41pm

Carterton: A great place to do business!

Carterton is a great place to do business.

With its central Wairarapa location, and close proximity to rail (5minutes on foot from the centre of town), top-notch coffee from award-winning cafes, and large board room facilities based at Carterton Events Centre, there are many positive aspects of meeting and greeting clients in Carterton.

Setting up a Business in Carterton

Depending on the nature of your business it is always a great idea to touch base with us and discuss what processes or guidelines that you may have to follow when setting up a business.

Different industries will require different policies and legislation, therefore finding out this information at the start of the process is a good idea.

Carterton has a great range of commercial and industrial properties to choose from when deciding where to set up your business, with terrific real estate resources within the CBD to help with your search for your ideal premises.

Carterton Business Directory

To find out more about our thriving business community, take a look at the detailed business directory on

Carterton’s Economic Profile

Want to know more about Carterton’s economic profile?

Visit Carterton’s Infometrics Economic Profile.

This includes data on our:

  • economy
  • employment
  • productivity
  • population
  • business
  • standard of living
  • skills
  • tourism