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We maintain approximately 441km of local roads, 286km of which are sealed and the remaining 155km unsealed.

Most of the roads in the Carterton District are managed by the Council; however State Highway 2 (High Street) is managed by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

If you are planning road works or any kind of traffic or road-related activity that affects public roads, talk to us about what permissions you may need first.


The type of things we need to know about

You will need to contact the Council if you want things like:

  • Driveways designed to access our roads,
  • Road closures for events,
  • Excavation works,
  • New roads or rights of ways to be built to the New Zealand standards.

Email us with your request and we can help you start the process or download the Temporary Road Closure Application form.

Corridor Access Requests (Excavation)

Any excavation or physical works planned in the road reserve (the transport corridor) will require pre-approval from the Carterton District Council before work commences.

  • Excavate for Utility repairs or installation.
  • Temporarily close a road to traffic for an event.
  • Create a new driveway

Before U Dig can lodge automatically your Corridor Access Requests while you submit your enquiries. Learn more on how to lodge a corridor access request.

Your application can be started by making a Corridor Access Request on the following website.

Or by contacting BeforeUdig on 0800 248 344

Note: Council requires a minimum of 5 working days’ notice for applications to be processed.

Corridor Access Requests (Non – Excavation)

Safety first when working on our roads and footpaths

Council requires all work in the road corridor to comply with the following national code of practices:

  • The approved National Code of Practice for Utility Operators’ Access to Transport Corridors (The National Code).

The Code can be downloaded from the NZUAG website

  • The New Zealand Transport Agency’s ‘Code of practice for temporary traffic management (COPTTM)’

This is the standard reference for all temporary traffic management on state highways and local roads. It includes levels of temporary traffic management, signs and forms used, and a series of sample traffic management plans.

Transit NZ guidelines for safe work practices on and around roads

Corridor Access Requests (Non-Excavation)

There are times when planned work warrants notifying the Council for activities that will occur in the Road Corridor that are not excavations.
These may require certain sections of the road corridor to be reserved to ensure the activities are carried out in a safe manner.
These events may create interference to road users, adjacent residents or perhaps other contractors carrying out works in the vicinity.
Events such as concerts, building maintenance, vegetation/hedge trimming with machinery from the roadside, cycling events, exhibitions, festivals, fireworks, parades and sporting events.

Your application for permission can be started by making a request on the following website.

Note: Council requires a minimum of 5 working days’ notice for applications to be processed.

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