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About Consultation & Engagement

What is Have Your Say?

Have Your Say is your chance to make your voice heard.

As a council, we work to serve the community. To ensure we meet the needs of Carterton residents, we need to hear from you!

Choose one of the consultations below. We look forward to hearing your views and suggestions!

Our Engagement Process

Council undertakes ‘engagement’ when we provide opportunities for the public to participate in Council projects, plans and proposals.

Usually, this is in the form of us asking for your thoughts, ideas and preferences on an upcoming project, plan or proposal e.g. a Long Term Plan.

We see engagement as a genuine dialogue with our communities.

Good, thorough and meaningful engagement helps us make better, more sustainable and inclusive decisions that lead to the changes you want to see in your community.

How does engagement work?

Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy  sets the rules for how Council and the community will determine how significant particular proposals or decisions are, and when and how the community will be engaged in making decisions.

Before making a decision, Council considers all feedback, along with advice from our team and other relevant information. Once a decision has been made, that decision, along with relevant reports, will be available on this website.

Other ways to have your say

Speak to your Mayor & Councillors: Your elected members are available to discuss your ideas, issues or concerns. Contact them today.

Speak at forums & meetings: Contact our Democratic Services team, who can help direct you to the best meeting to address. ouncil is not able to make a decision on your presentation but may refer your issue to staff for further report.

Talk to us at an event: Keep an eye out on when Elected Members and Council staff will be out and about in your community.

Sign up to our updates: Join our mailing list and we will keep you informed of what’s happening at Council.

Alternatively you can email us at info@cdc.govt.nz.

What is the difference between consultation and engagement?

Engagement is the practice of actively bringing community or public voices into decisions that affect or interest them. Consultation is one type of engagement, with a legal definition and statutory obligations for local government. Read our Significance and Engagement Policy for more information.

Open Consultation & Engagement Opportunities

Proposed Wairarapa Line level crossing closures

Proposed Wairarapa Line level crossing closures

KiwiRail is hosting two meetings at the Carterton Events Centre to share further information and collect feedback on its proposals to close level crossings on the Wairarapa Line. The meetings will take place at: 12.30pm Monday 29 May 6.30pm, Wednesday 31 May A...

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Closed Initiatives

Recent closed Council consultation and engagement opportunities.

CLOSED: We want your feedback on our Water Race system

We're currently seeking feedback on your views on the water race system with particular focus on how it is used, what value it provides to you, and what your views are on how it is maintained and funded. What are water races? Why are we doing this? How can I take...
Holloway Street

CDC listening to Carterton Residents Survey feedback

Residents have had their say on Carterton District Council services and facilities. And CDC is listening and acting on the feedback. The results of the 2022 Residents Survey are now available online. Almost 500 members of our community let us know what’s working well for them, and where we can make improvements.

Have Your Say Midweek Quarter Page Age 182 X 126 Mm

Consultation now open for Carterton Districts Council’s Ten Year Plan

Carterton District Council is now consulting on its Draft Ten Year Plan for 2021-2031. The Council’s Ten Year Plan sets out its planned activities and projects for the next ten years. It will be largely ‘business as usual’ for most of the Council’s activities for the...

Have Your Say – Draft Reserve Management Plan

Tell us what you think about Carterton's parks and your ideas for their future use, management and development. In 2009 Carterton District Council prepared a general policy for all reserves and individual plans for existing reserves. It is now time to renew those. The...
Untitled Design (1)

Have Your Say – Carterton Draft Structure Plan

We need to plan for where to accommodate the increasing Carterton population, new housing and businesses. It is projected the urban area of Carterton will need to accommodate approximately 1,000 new houses between now and 2043. In 2017 Carterton District Council...

The Clock Tower colour vote has arrived!

The time to choose Carterton’s clock tower paint colour has finally arrived and will be given over to our residents to decide. The once heralded “Carterton’s Big Ben” has been under repair this year after a seismic assessment in 2015 identified the structure as being...