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Copy Of Thursday 1 April Boil Water Notice
All Carterton urban residents and businesses on town supply to boil all water. A precautionary boil water notice is still in effect under the advice of Regional Public Health.

This means Carterton residents and businesses connected to the town water supply are advised to continue boiling all water before being used for drinking, making baby formula, juice, ice, washing fruit and vegetables, other food preparation/cooking needs, or brushing teeth until further notice.

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4.30pm Friday 9 April boil water notice update

4.30pm Friday 9 April boil water notice update

9 April 2021 4.30pm Friday 9 April boil water notice update A precautionary boil water notice is still in effect under the advice of Regional Public Health. This means Carterton residents and businesses connected to the town water supply are advised to continue...

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4.30pm Friday 9 April boil water notice update
A precautionary boil water notice is still in effect under the advice of Regional Public Health.

Carterton District Council has not received any further positive E. coli readings since last Thursday’s result. The Council is confident in the water supplied to urban residents which comes out of its treatment plant.

We have undertaken extensive work through the reticulation system and continued its investigation into the source of the intermittent readings of low-level E. coli.

We are confident in our infrastructure and treatment plant procedures, but we will continue to follow the extremely strong guidelines put to us by Regional Public Health.

We acknowledge the inconvenience this has caused and we apologise for the length of time the boil water notice has been in place, but we will continue to work as hard and as quickly as we can to get the notice lifted

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Comment on Facebook

I hope there will be some compensation for all the water boiling. I dread to think of this months power bill 😕😡

I think that the Carterton district council should reduce our next rates instalment by 5%. Do others agree and does the Carterton District Council agree?

This is a very protracted affair☹😫

Now monday 12th, are we still boiling water?

Wally Richards

do we STILL have to boil water? that bladder water taste like plastic

Glen Laursen Helen Winterbottom Amanda Fauvel Jemma Hague Kylie Davis Jessica Marychurch Jess Bates Megan Sykes Stace Swift Brittany Jay Jepsen

Alana Galvin Joanne Wyszynski joanne

Renee Braggins

Lillian Carter

Bonnie Horton Megan Futter Hollie McGlone

Lisa Johnston


Carterton District Council this is just pathetic! Claiming that you found the problem and was fixing weeks ago! But still it's a "just another week" and a bladder the tastes like pool water.

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Have you checked out our ten year plan yet? You have until 19 April to have your say.
There are 3 items we want your feedback on:
1. Increase town centre parking
2. Begin with Trail 1 of the 5 towns trail project
3. Our input into the town centre redevelopment

To view the consultation document visit

To make an online submission visit term planning is well underway - have you had your say?

Once every three years, councils are required to refresh their long-term plan (LTP) which covers a ten year period.

LTPs show what the council will do over the next 10 years, why it needs to do it, and how much it will cost.

Consultation has been running since late last year, and for most councils, there's one more opportunity to have your say on the plan summary before the end of the month.

Visit your local council website to find out more.
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Comment on Facebook

You show a photo of a pedestrian precinct in a town and talk of more town centre parking. Hardly compatible which shows how out of touch you are. Town centre is for people not cars and any parking there will probably be grabbed by council staff not ratepayers. Change your priorities to what the town needs.

It hunk you should be wanting feedback on the spend and $$ amounts you are going to tax rate payers. What’s the wage increase you are going to give council staff in the 10 years? What’s this going to cost the population of people that don’t get increases due to covid and the people on pensions? If it’s the 34% over 10 years I’ve heard then you need to go back to the drawing board cause that’s unsustainable, pitting residents into financial stress and projects need to be cancelled

Early in the document you propose that one of your key desired outcomes is reducing the carbon footprint. Then your first initiative is more car parking. Are the initiatives not designed to achieve the desired outcomes?

We are taking every action possible to investigate the cause and prevent reoccurrences of last week’s low-level E. coli reading in one of its water samples connected to the urban supply. The boil water notice will remain in effect until the Council is confident that this has been done. A further update will be provided to the community by 5pm Friday 9 April. While the risk to the community is extremely low, the Council asks that people remain vigilant with boiling water until they are advised otherwise.

The council has commissioned water experts Lutra to produce a high-level model of the town water supply to identify water movement across the reticulation supply. This will assist with trying to identify the cause of last week’s low-level E. coli reading. The Council has also taken the following actions since the first boil water notice was issued on 17 March:
• Checked back flow preventers and known industrial connections.
• Replaced any valving that has a potential for a fault.
• Undertaken additional daily testing to try and isolate where the potential sources may be coming from.
• Had external engineers check the water treatment plants.
• Checked procedures for sampling by a laboratory expert.
• Walked the Kaipaitangata main trunk line to visually identify any potential sources.
• Had Leak Detection Services to check if there are any unknown leaks in the network.

At this stage, the Council has not received any official reports of illness associated with this event.

For all FAQs visit
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Comment on Facebook

This would seem to indicate that there have been additional and ongoing positive e.coli tests since the initial one on Friday. Carterton District Council can we get some clear metrics around how many tests have been done, what (if any) positive results you have had, and most importantly if there have been any more recent positive results meaning we're still no closer to getting our water supply back?

Are you aware the Magic talk radio is still playing your ad to tell us the ban was over? I've heard It three times.

the cause of your ecoli outbreak is the crap state of your urban effluent system. if this was a farmer we would be getting a massive fine and prosecuted! but i bet there is no rebate on peoples rates or prosecution of any staff members.

Sounds like you guys are doing everything possible to sort this out. Thank you for your open communications

Carterton District Council will signing up to the emails allow email notifications to be sent with updated info re boiling notices as soon as you’re aware? Trying to find a better alternative for my Nanny to find out this information instead of me seeing it on Facebook and having to let her know. Just incase I miss something!

When is the Water Tanker coming?? For residents to get some nice water!!

Mmm im still sick stick your water🥴

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Michelle Bain

Sarah Farley Clint Olszewski Leah Olszewski

This is disgusting

I’ll still smacking back the water no problems

When are you going to bring in real drinking water, not chlorinated pool water? When you first got the bladder in that was great until I tasted how bad it was!

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