Apply for a building consent

Applying for a building consent can be complex and is most often best left to professional designers to make the application on an owner’s behalf.

The electronic Simpli form provides advice and guidance on what is required.

If you are not familiar with building plans and compliance with the building code you may need to engage a design professional (an architect for example) to supply the required drawings and information and to apply for a building consent on your behalf.

Visit Simpli for more information and to get started.

Before you go too far, do some homework on the people that you want to use to turn your dreams into a reality.

Picking the right people and using competent design professionals to make an application on your behalf can make the process a lot easier.

Using the right people will make the project far less stressful.

Do your homework before selecting a design professional.

  • Talk to some of their previous clients and look at some of their work.
  • Talk to friends and families and check if they belong to professional organisations.
  • Check with their previous clients, ask around friends, get referees.

If the work involves work by an accredited and registered modular component manufacturer, their certificate must be included with the application.


Make an application

Apply for a building consent online through the simpli portal. You will need to register before applying.

If you do not have internet access you can apply by filling out a Building consent application form, available from our friendly team in the office.

You will need to provide a properly completed application form (form 2) supporting plans and specifications.

You will also need to include relevant product information.

The information submitted must be site and project specific.

These forms are available at simpli.


Council’s role in the application

Council will check the application to make sure the information is complete and appears accurate. This is not a full technical check, just an overview.

If the information is not appropriate the application will either be refused and a new application will need to be made, or questions will be sent to the applicant (this is called an SRFI).

Once the application is accepted the processing clock is started. You will be invoiced once your application has been accepted.

Residential properties

Where your work is on a residential property, you will need to provide documentation from a licensed building practitioner.

Licensed building practitioners [LBPs] are licensed by the Ministry of Business innovation and employment to design and build restricted building work.

LBPs are building practitioners who have been assessed as competent to carry out building work essential to the structure or weathertightness of residential buildings.

Visit for more information on the scheme.

Owner builder exemption

Homeowners can still do their own work on their own houses however there are some specific rules that apply.

Owners must obtain an owner builder exemption.

In most cases the processing clock allows 20 working days for us to grant your consent, but where the application includes a national multiuse approval issued by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, then 10 working days applies.

Visit the website for more about owner builder exemptions.

Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

The secret to getting your consent fast is making sure the information you submit is clear, concise, and accurately describes or shows how Building Code compliance will be achieved.

In addition to applying for a consent you can apply for a Project Information memorandum. (PIM)

PIMs provide useful information about your property that may affect your design.

In some cases applying for a PIM before developing a full set of documentation may save time making changes later.

Typically consents relate to either residential or commercial buildings. These will have different requirements.

For commercial work you will, need to include information in any specified systems, such as performance standards and inspection maintenance and reporting procedures and fire and access reports.

Visit our PIM page for more information.

Fees & Charges

A fee will apply when you make an application, you will be invoiced. This can be paid via internet banking or over the counter at Council’s offices.

Note: payments cannot be made using credit cards.