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Carterton District Council  – What do we do? 

The District Council is responsible for developing and maintaining a wide range of public services and facilities to provide a quality lifestyle for people living in the district.
This includes infrastructure such as roading, water supplies, sewerage and wastewater disposal, parks and street lights. The Council also plans for and manages land use and subdivision activity.

District Council responsibilities:

Reserves, parks, sports fields, public playgrounds
Roads (but NOT State Highways)
Waste water disposal
Rubbish collection and facilities
Water supplies
Parking facilities and control
Public restrooms
Emergency Management
Community Services, including Community Development and Engagement
Economic Development
Land and property information
Events Centre
Utilities information
Environmental health regulations
Building control regulations
Building consents
Animal control – dogs & stock
Noise control
Liquor licensing

Civil Defence/Rural Fire Service
Resource consents
Subdivision consents
GIS (Geographical Information Services)

To view a list of services which Carterton District Council provides please click here