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Building Act Administration (building consent, inspections)

The Building Consent Authority (BCA), within the Council, screens proposed building work to ensure buildings are safe, people’s health and well-being has been considered and the design and construction promote sustainable development.

The BCA grants or refuses certificates (e.g. building consents or Code Compliance Certificates) to people wanting to undertake building work or who have completed building work under a building consent.

All building work requires a building consent unless it comes under exemption (see below). A building consent is confirmation that the proposed building, plumbing, drainage and safety requirements comply with the building code.

The three Wairarapa councils are moving to a more consistent approach to processing building consents and standardised application forms.

Do I need a Building Consent?

How do I apply?

Building Consent Process


Project Information Memorandums (PIMs)

Land Information Memorandum (LIMs)

Forms for Building Consents

Schedule of Fees and Charges: 2021-22 

Certificates and Compliance

Greater Wellington Building Guide (website)

Building and Consent Guide (PDF)

Soak hole calculation method

Complaints Process Building Consent Authority (BCA)


For a list of exemptions to building work that does not require a building  consent can be found on MBIE’s (The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) website






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