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The new recycling wheelie bins came into effect on the 9th of September! 


Here are the key changes:

Your wheelie bin takes cardboard, tins, cans and plastics 1 & 2. Plastics 3 + are no longer able to be collected. More info here.

Your wheelie bin will be numbered 1 (for red weeks) or 2 (for blue weeks).

All number 1 bins will be collected on the Monday of red weeks

All number 2 bins will be collected on the Monday of blue weeks

Glass should go into your old red or green recycling crates.
On the weeks it’s not your turn to put out your wheelie bin, put out your crates with glass instead.

Regardless of the week, you can always put out your Carterton Council rubbish bags.

You can find the weekly schedule here:

For more information regarding the recycling wheelie bins, refer to the booklet which came with your bin or visit