Neighbourhood Support

Last updated: 28 Jun, 2023 07:22pm


Neighbourhood Support is based on the concept that strong neighbourhoods encourage members to support each other and enjoy living in their locality. Neighbourhoods that are strongly connected are also resilient in times of adversity.

The Carterton Neighbourhood Support Coordinator, Sandra Burles, establishes and communicates regularly with Neighbourhood Support groups in rural and urban areas across Carterton.

The benefits of belonging to a Neighbourhood Support Group are:

  • Connection among neighbours, between neighbourhoods and areas, thus enhancing the enjoyment and safety of living in the Carterton
  • Effective Neighbourhood Support across Carterton builds resilience in the community and offers the opportunity for a cohesive response to a civil emergency and strong resilience of its people to cope
  • Neighbourhood Support offers each region within the Wairarapa an opportunity to develop closer ties among the people in its region and enhanced understanding of the challenges and strengths of each region.
  • Neighbourhood Support is a proven vehicle for delivery of increased safety in neighbourhoods. It is also a vehicle which promotes a sense of well-being amongst the residents of each community.

If you would like to start up a group in your Carterton neighbourhood, please contact Sandra Burles,  Carterton Neighbourhood Support Coordinator, through the Carterton Information Centre Ph 06 379 4081 or on mobile 0274 441 518 or email