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Residents Guide

Community Spaces


Ka Pai Carterton

Community Resources

The Community Services team supports the wider community by providing a variety of resources, from localised and national publications to places for community groups to meet and more.

Carterton Residents Guide

The Residents Guide is a handy source of information about local services including Heritage, Arts, Faith, Health and Well-being, Community Support, Government Agencies, and Special Interest groups.

Read it online at Issu or pick up a copy from the Carterton Information Centre.

Community Spaces for Hire


Carterton Events Centre

The Carterton Events Centre offers community groups reduced hire rates for meetings and events.  Located in the heart of the Wairarapa, the rooms are flexible modern spaces able to accommodate many different uses.  Visit the Carterton Events Centre website for more information.


Haumanu House

Located down the lane behind the Council Building and Police Station (access from SH2 beside Carters), Haumanu House is a free venue for available to organisations and groups providing free community services.  For more information contact Sandra Burles, Ph 379 4081 or email


Parks and Facilities

Many of Carterton’s parks and facilities are available for community use.  You can view these on our website:

To book a park or facility, contact Clinton Thompson, Parks & Reserves Manager, Ph 379 4098 or email

Community Notices

Community notices can be posted on the Council Community Events webpage and the Carterton Information Centre Facebook page by contacting 06 379 4081 or emailing


Ka Pai Carterton

Ka Pai Carterton was established as a part of the Department of Internal Affairs Community Led Development Programme (CLDP) in 2018.

The role of Ka Pai Carterton was to facilitate a process to gather ideas from the community, to recognise the common directions and to consolidate the results into this community plan.

This plan was accepted by the Department of Internal Affairs, and a further three years of funding offered to activate our community to realise the shared vision:

“Carterton is a champion community, the most connected, resilient and aspirational community in New Zealand.”

So how did we do?

As the CLDP is a fixed term community contract, Ka Pai’s focus on building community capability was steadfast from the outset.

By ensuring connections were made and consolidated through many engagements and awesome events, and skills and resources captured through workshops, programmes and courses – community led development is alive and well in Carterton, and will continue beyond the DIA partnership.

Ka pai, Carterton!