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Dog Control Policy

Council at its meeting on 17th December 2014, adopted Dog Control Policy and Practices Annual Report 2015 as required pursuant to section 10A of the Dog Control Act 1996.
Copies of the Report are available at the Council’s office, 28 Holloway Street, Carterton or please view below

Dog Control Policy and Practices Annual Report 2015 click here 
Dog Control Policy and Practices Annual Report 2018 click here
Dog Control Policy and Practices Annual Report 2019 click here

Dog Control Fees 2020/21

All dogs over the age of three months must be registered.Copy Of Dog Registration 2020 For Midweek

Item Fee
Rural owner

$70.00 1st and 2nd dog

$36.00 subsequent dogs

Urban Entire  $95.00 per dog
Urban spayed/neutered $70.00 per dog
Dog classified as dangerous $142.50 per dog

Additional penalty fee for all dogs not registered by 1st August, each year will be 50% per dog. For certified seeing-eye or hearing dogs, a fee of 50% of those stated above applies.

Owners in the Urban Ward are reminded that the Council’s bylaws preclude the keeping of three or more dogs over the age of 3 months without written permission being first obtained from the District Council. An application fee of $60.00 (in addition to the above fees) is to accompany all applications for such permission.

You can now pay online

You will need:
* Your credit/debit card
* Your owner number

Once payment is made your dog/s tag will be posted to you. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your tag/s.

Click here to go to our payment page.

How your fees benefit our community
In Carterton, dog registration fees help to pay for most of our animal services, including:

  • Dog control, including impounding wandering dogs, investigating dog attacks, minimising nuisances caused by dogs
  • Responding to a variety of complaints
  • Running the animal shelter
  • Patrols
  • Taking legal action when required
  • Administration and maintenance of Council database including yearly registration process
  • Dog training and onsite behavioural advice
  • Signage and advertising of dog related issues
  • Providing dog poo bags in Carterton

Pound fees for dogs
Dog owners are advised that the Council has fixed the following sustenance and poundage fees:

Item Fee
Sustenance Fee $12.00 per dog per day
  $10.00 all other animals per day
Impounding fees

Dogs, Sheep, Goats $60.00

Second time (dogs only) $120.00

Third and subsequent impounding fee (dogs only) $180.00

  Cattle, Deer, Horses and all other animals $75.00
Droving Charge Calculated on actual cost including labour and plant hire

The District pound is situated at Dalefield Road, Carterton.
In all public places other than those in which dogs are prohibited or required to be on a leash, dog owners must use or carry a leash and dogs must be under continuous control of a person at all times. Dogs found in a contravention of these rules may be seized or impounded by an authorised officer forthwith.

Application for permit for keeping more than two dogs

To download an application form for a permit to keep more than 2 dogs, click here

Dog prohibited areas

Dogs shall, unless restrained on a leash, be prohibited in those areas of the District specified as:
The Central Business area of Carterton in High Street from the Victoria/ Wakelin Street Intersection at the south end, terminating at High Street North, being the entrance of the Rugby grounds on the western side and the property currently occupied by Carterton Motors Ltd, on the eastern side, a distance of 106 metres from the  Belvedere / Park Road intersection.

Memorial Square
Camping Ground

Dogs are prohibited within:

Dogs shall be prohibited in the areas of the District specified as:
The children’s play area of Carrington Park
The children’s play area of Howard Booth Park
The public Swimming Baths in Pembroke Street
The Landfill in Dalefield Road

Dog owners are required to remove dog faeces from public places.  Failure to do so could result in an infringement notice being issued, to the value of $300.

Stock Movement Guidelines please view here
Stock Movement Policy please view here
Control of Dogs Bylaw please view here

How to contact us

Phone: 06 379 4045
Mobile: 027 242 8919
Afterhours: 027 451 5195


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