9 November 2023

Carterton District Council is welcoming applications for its new Waste Minimisation Grant.

The fund is available to provide practical support for innovative solutions that reduce waste and is provided by the Government’s national waste levy, raised through the Waste Minimisation Act (WMA) activities.

The Act states the levy’s key purposes is to “raise revenue for promoting and achieving waste minimisation”.

It is designed to enable the community to deliver on local actions from the Wider Wellington Waste Management & Minimisation Plan and supports Te Rautaki Para – National Waste Strategy.

It will support local projects, initiatives and events that have a focus on delivering waste minimisation activities in the Carterton district.

Other purposes include:

  • recognition that disposal imposes costs on the environment, society and the economy.

The levy encourages organisations and individuals to:

  • take responsibility for the waste they produce
  • find more effective and efficient ways to reduce, reuse, recycle or reprocess waste.


Community members and organisations can apply to two streams of the fund, the rapid and annual contestable funds.

About the Rapid Fund

This fund is designed to support project and initiatives that require to support waste minimisation activities through the year.

Up to $2,000 is available for projects that could include but are not limited to:

  • event waste minimisation
  • waste audits for community groups
  • seed funding
  • promotion and public awareness
  • training, and professional development
  • setting up systems to minimise waste.


Applications will be assessed by Carterton District Council and considered bi-monthly from February to December each year.


  • Applications are open from 1 November 2023
  • Rapid – assessment and decision within four weeks of application being submitted

A total of $12,000 is available per annum in the Rapid Fund.


About the annual contestable fund [for medium and large projects up over $2000] 

This fund is designed to support specific project and initiatives that have waste minimisation at the core of the project.  In other words, activity that indirectly reduces waste to landfill or supports initiatives by engaging and educating the wider community.

This could include seed funding for projects and start-ups, resource recovery, redesigning systems, community networks, infrastructure and assets, technology and development.

The fund has a total pool of $60,000 available each year, and applications are considered annually.


  • Applications are open from 1 November 2023
  • Closing date now Thursday 29 February.
  • Assessment and decision by end February 2024
  • Rapid – assessment and decision within four weeks of application being submitted

A total of $60,000 is available in the annual contestable fund.


How to apply

Our grants are contestable so will be measured against the priorities of the grant being applied to. All applications are now submitted and managed via our online Grants Portal, https://cartertondc.smartygrants.com.au/



Successful recipients of council grants or funding will receive a letter of agreement which will include the funding agreement. Each grant distributed will also have a reporting element for accountability purposes.  This report will be completed at the conclusion of the project and will be submitted by logging into your account on our Grants Portal

More information can be found on our Community Grants page here