Carterton District Council’s building team has moved to the Objective Build Portal from Simpli.

Council is making this change for a number of reasons, in particular:

  • to give a consistent approach across the region.
  • Objective includes additional tools and options for applicants.
  • Greater transparency for the parties to the consenting process including owners.

While we adjust to the change, please be patient. Things may take a bit longer than normal while we get used to the system.

There are some points to be aware of:

  • Any draft applications in Simpli must be submitted to council before the communicated date, or the draft application will be lost.
  • While Simpli will allow applications to be submitted after the cutover date, the council will not receive them due to the service being disconnected and terminated.  Applications should therefore either be submitted in Simpli before the cutover date or recreated in Objective Build and submitted after Go Live.
  • ALL customers with active consents in Simpli must be advised that all collaborator data will be lost as part of the migration to Objective Build. This is because Simpli doesn’t make that data available, so it isn’t available for migration. Users with Can Manage or Can Edit access can add collaborators to the consent in Objective Build.

New applications should be made through Objective Build from Monday 15 April.


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