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Level 1 Alert Covid-19

We are currently in Alert Level 2 due to Covid-19. For more information, please visit for more information or our dedicated council covid-19 page here



Kaiwhata Road closed – 11 November 2020

Kaiwhata Road is closed due to a slip blocking the Kaiwhata River, causing flooding across the road at Kummerstein.
Signage advising the road is closed has been placed at Kaiwhata/Te Wharau Rd intersection with signage at the Kummerstein boundary.

Kaiwhata Road is still accessible from Homewood and Te-Wharau but travel over the Kaiwhata River bridge is not possible.

An assessment of the slip will be made when it is safe to do so, but the road is likely remain closed for several days.

Please follow this post for updates.


Lincoln Road – current scheduled programme of works

  • December 2019 – Construction of a lime footpath from the end of the existing concrete footpath to Brooklyn Road, and re-shaping the berm drainage at each entranceway.
  • January 2020 – Replacement and extension of various stream culverts between Pembroke Street and Victoria Street to allow for the kerb and channel installation. This will remove the need for the two existing footpath bridges across the stream as the culverts will extend to the boundary fence line.
  • February/March 2020 – Construction of the kerb and channel from Pembroke Street to Victoria Street.
  • November/December 2020 – Widening and construction of the new road pavement out to the newly constructed kerb and channel between Pembroke Street and Victoria Street.
  • February 2021 – Resealing Lincoln Road from the seal joint south of Victoria Street to Brooklyn Road.

Road Resealing – current scheduled programme of works

  • Taverner Street 24/03/2020
  • Wyndham Street 24/03/2020
  • Belvedere Road 25/03/2020 – resealing at 2 sites either side of the railway line



There are no Fire Restrictions currently.

Please view the fire season and permit page for “Check its alright” information.



There are currently no water restrictions in place.