Food Act 2014

Last updated: 28 Jun, 2023 07:28pm

* Changes under the Food Act 2014 please view here 

The Food Act 2014 is here and will mean significant changes to all registered food businesses in the Carterton District.
We currently operate under the Food Act 2014. The government has recently updated this Act to the Food Act 2014. The new Act will come into force by 1 March 2016 and will apply to new food businesses and suppliers who begin trading from this date.
Existing businesses will transition to the new law over a three year period. At the end of the three year transition period the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 will be revoked.

What is different in the Food Act 2014?
The new law recognises that each business is unique and outlines different requirements for businesses based on the food they produce and the associated level of risk.
For example, the new Act introduces a sliding scale where businesses that have a high food safety risk will operate under more stringent food safety requirements (Food Control Plans) and businesses that have a low food safety risk will operate under less stringent requirements (National Programmes).
The new Act also provides a clear exemption to allow Kiwi charity fundraisers, such as sausage sizzles or home baking sales, to take place. Food handler guidance will be provided for these operations.
It is proposed that regulations under the Act will provide for individual operators to influence their own compliance costs. Those businesses that are performing well will be rewarded with less frequent checks, while businesses not managing food safety well will receive extra attention.

How will businesses transition to the new Act?
Food service businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, takeaways and caterers will be among the first to transition to the new Act and are being encouraged to take part in the Voluntary Implementation Programme by signing up to a Food Control Plan early.
Transitioning to the new Food Control Plan now will mean you are well prepared for the change in legislation.

Food Act registration form please view here 

How to start a food control plan

  1. Contact Carterton District Council 06 379 4030 to discuss your requirements with an Environmental Health Officer and to see if you are eligible for this scheme.
  2. An Environmental Health Officer will meet with you to provide free mentoring advice prior to lodging your food control plan.
  3. When you are ready to lodge your food control plan, you will be legally asking for an exemption from Food Hygiene Regulations 1974.