Is It Legit?

Last updated: 28 Jun, 2023 06:58pm

Is It Legal?

Why does it matter?

What can you do?

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Why does it matter?

Registration for these businesses is a legal requirement.

By registering, Environmental Health Officers (EHO) can help operators run a hygenic and successful business. Our team can check businesses are set up correctly and that operators know what they need to do to keep customers safe from infection.

What can go wrong?

Food poisoning is, unfortunately, one of the more common instances of a food business not operating as they should.

Food can be contaminated by nasty bacteria, viruses, toxins and chemicals or by including allergens in food that are undeclared. Without proper checks in place, food can also be sold with foreign objects in it, for example hair or pieces of glass.

Beauticians, nail technicians, hairdressers, tattooists and body piercers can transmit blood borne infections such as HIV and Hepatitis B & C, nits, scabies or viral, bacterial and fungal infections of the hair, skin and nails. These diseases and infections can be passed from client to client, operator to client or client to operator. Needless to say, hygienic processes are essential.

What you can do

If you are the operator of a home-based, mobile or commercial premises that sells food, is a hairdresser, beautician, nail technician, tattooist or body piercer you must register with Council before you begin operating.


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If you visit or notice a business operating that is not displaying a current Certificate of Registration please let the council know so we can ensure businesses are safe.