12 June 2023

We’re aware of a system error today that has seen registered urban dog owners with a spayed/neutered dog receive an email saying their registration fee is $110.
Please note this is incorrect, and your registration is $85. We are working with our service provider to have your dog registration form reissued.
Please note, this has only affected owners of urban speyed/neutered dogs who receive their registration via email. This will not affect other categories or posted registrations.
We apologise for any concern or inconvenience this has caused.
Correct fees are as follows:
Urban – entire dogs $110.00
Urban – spayed/neutered dogs $85.00
Over 65 canine companion $75.00 per dog
Rural – non-neutered and neutered dogs – first two dogs $75.00 per dog
Rural – non-neutered and neutered dogs – all remaining dogs $40.00 per dog
Dog classified as dangerous $165.00
Urban -application for permit to keep more than two dogs $75.00