Positive Ageing Strategy

Last updated: 16 Mar, 2023 04:18pm

The Strategy

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Positive Ageing Strategy

The Wairarapa Positive Ageing Strategy was developed by the three Wairarapa councils to prepare for the region’s rapidly ageing community.  In the next 25 years, the number of Wairarapa residents aged over 65 is expected to increase by approximately 79% to nearly 15,000, or 1 in 4 residents.

The aim of the Strategy is to improve and integrate council services for older people to help them lead valued, connected, and fulfilling lives.

The strategy features six strategic goals, which were identified through extensive local research and consultation.

These goals, which will be areas of council focus over the medium to long-term are community support and health services, communication and engagement, transport, cultural diversity, housing, and places, spaces, and activities.

Meet Lisa

Lisa Matthews is Wairarapa’s Positive Ageing Strategy Coordinator.

Lisa works on behalf of all three Wairarapa councils to achieve the Strategy goals, and meet the needs of Wairarapa’s ageing community.

Contact Lisa

Get in touch with Lisa if you have any questions, or want to know more about the Positive Ageing Strategy.