Progress through Phase 2 of the Daleton Wastewater Treatment Ponds Project continues, with Carterton District Council committed to delivering a top-quality outcome for residents.

Completion of Phase 2 of the project, which includes filling the ponds, remains set for June 2022. The construction phase of the project is set to complete in October 2023.

In December 2021, Council approved unbudgeted expenditure of up to $1.944million to complete and remediate the new wastewater reservoirs.

This came after CDC took possession of the ponds and removed the main contractor employed for the reservoir construction (Stage 2 of 3), following repeated delays and the discovery of extensive damage to the lining of its three new ponds.

At the meeting, elected members voiced their disappointment that Central Hawke’s Bay Earthmovers (CHBE) had not heeded numerous contractual notices regarding work practices in, and around, the geomembrane liner.

Council is committed to assessing the damage and making repairs as soon as possible and is progressing well to ensure this happens and stays within consent requirements.

As part of the assessment, an independent engineer is providing a report to Council.

This report will provide an analysis of the damage, mitigations, and possible repairs. This report is underway, with the Council awaiting the findings.

The project team is progressing with the work needed to fill the ponds.

The safe operation of the ponds to people and the environment remains paramount, and despite the project’s previous delays, health and safety must not be compromised by a perceived need for quick completion.

Council will discuss the latest project update at its meeting on Wednesday 30 March.

In his report to Council for the meeting, Geoff Hamilton, Chief Executive, Carterton District Council, said that remediation work on the worst geomembrane liner damage and excess anchor trench soil has been underway since December.

“During this time a more detailed mapping of damage has been underway, while we continue with Stage 3 works, being pipes, pumps, and connections.

“Due to the excess of wastewater being received at our existing plant, officers have been considering how, and when the new storage ponds can be brought into service. Clearly, the reservoirs need to be structurally sound, waterproof, and available for use. From a practical perspective, we are planning to have Pond 1 available to bring into service during April.

“However, the use of one or more of the ponds must not undermine any claim Council may have against Central Hawkes Bay Earthmovers (CHBE) for damage and defects, for which CHBE was liable for, at the time Council took possession of the site.

“Council has sought legal advice on this matter and will not bring the ponds into service if it limits our potential claim on CHBE.

“Practical Completion of Stage 2 works, for which CHBE remain responsible, is targeted for June or July 2022, depending on the weather. Practical Completion of the overall Wastewater Treatment Pond Project is currently targeted for June 2023.”

The Council meeting starts at 4pm on Wednesday [30 March]. A recording will be available on YouTube later.