It’s time to start  really thinking about water use again.

Forecasters predict above-average rainfall for eastern North Island/ Te Ika-a-Māui in late spring, but conditions are expected to dry after Christmas, during Wairarapa’s summer.

Heavy, or even above average, rainfall does not mean we have enough water for the entire summer, and especially to keep some back for emergencies, or extreme drought conditions.

This makes spring the perfect time to get ready for the big dry.


Water we doing?

Carterton District Council has measures in place to ensure we can provide our community with clean fresh water all day, every day. The Events Centre uses stored rainwater. Our Parks & Reserves team also uses stored water for our green spaces and flowers in town.

We are increasing our leak detection work this summer, and new treatment technologies will also improve the supply’s efficiency but our amounts remain dictated by the water available in the Kaipatangata Stream, and the Frederick Street bore.

The installation of our tanks on Dalefield Rd goes on. These tanks will provide millions of litres of stored water for the town – but even that amount could be used in a matter of hours.

With a dry summer on the horizon, the conditions will mean a drain our supply from the stream, aquifer, and bores.

We need to allow for our Volunteer Fire Brigade to have enough water for emergencies, while also responsibly managing the supply in conservation  measures, and to adhere to our consent with Greater Wellington Regional Council.

We will post updates on water saving measures and restrictions on the news pages of this website, and in the water section.


Water you doing?

Are you a water saver?  Do you have innovative ways of saving or reusing water?

Do you have any tips you want to share with our community?

Get in touch.

Drop us a line at, on Facebook @Carterton District Council to let us know!