The election is currently underway for Water Race Committee members, which is voted on by our water race ratepayers.

Voting was due to close at 4pm, 23 August.

Due to the country being in lockdown, voting will remain open until 4pm, Monday 30 August.

The successful candidates will be notified once the votes have been counted, and results will be made public on the CDC website.

The first meeting of the Water Race Committee has been rescheduled to 15 September 2021.


Nearly 500 voting papers were sent out to water race ratepayers.
We received 152 papers back, with a total of 535 votes (some papers voted for less than 4 candidates).
Vote count was:

McFadzean, John Douglas  127
Wadham, Neil 106
Ellison, David John 89
Eastham, Jill 82
Hewison, Michael 58
Stolte, Clarence 49
Grasenack, Thomas 12
Whitmarch, Adam 12