Thank you for cooperating with the request to limit wastewater use. At this stage, we are not asking you to limit wastewater use more than is necessary. We are still dealing with a large volume of wastewater at the treatment plant. Our situation is weather sensitive and could change with forecasted weather.


Why did CDC ask us to limit our water use this time?

We experienced a significant increase to our wastewater intake during times of heavy rain. This happened last week, and happened in February and June. The increase indicates that we have faults in our wastewater reticulation system which results in stormwater infiltrating our system. We needed the help from residents to limit water to avoid overloading the system and causing wastewater backflow into people’s homes.


What steps were taken between February and now to try to prevent this?

Since the February flood, we’ve bought flow monitors which are programmed for installation in next couple of months. They will show us which catchments in the reticulation have the larger inflows. Work is continuing on the wastewater pipework capital expenditure renewals and we are prioritising these areas in this financial year [2022/23]. We have also done some camera investigations within the wastewater network to identify the faults.


What happens next?

Over the coming weeks we will be making use of CCTV and smoke testing across the network to identify these faults. This is an extension of the previous CCTV investigation.

Smoke testing involves injecting a dense, non-toxic and odourless smoke into the wastewater network, and then watching to see where the smoke escapes.

It’s normal for smoke to come out of the sewer vent pipes on roofs of homes and buildings, this doesn’t indicate a problem. However, if smoke emerges from storm drains or rises from lawns, pavements, or the street,

This indicates that there is a problem such as a cracked wastewater pipe, damaged manhole, or a cross-connection to the stormwater network.

If the smoke comes into your home, please open windows at each end of your house and the smoke will disappear in a few minutes.

Smoke appearing in your home may indicate that there is a problem with the plumbing in your home.

Please contact a licensed plumber to make any necessary repairs.

Once we have the faults listed, we will plan for repairs and improvements.

Thank you once again for your continued cooperation and patience as we work through the issue.



The images on this post were used with permission from Wellington Water. Wellington Water’s website provides more information on smoke testing [ What’s smoke testing?]. Wellington Water does not manage water assets in Carterton District.  Please contact us or log a service request if you notice any wastewater issues on streets or roads. Please contact a licensed plumber if you discover plumbing issues on your property.