15 June 2021

The Council has taken the following actions:
• We are sourcing additional aeration units – these are needed to raise the dissolved oxygen levels in the ponds. Aerobic bacteria need dissolved oxygen to survive.
• The aerobic bacteria in the sludge digest the organic material around them in order to reproduce and grow, and change the chemical makeup of the sludge, oxidizing ammonia into nitrate and nitrite in a process called nitrification.
• Pond 1 is being dosed with a chemical to remove the sulphide smell, but this doesn’t solve the dead bacteria.
• As the ponds have low or no Dissolved Oxygen – there is no ability for bacteria to reproduce – so we need to import new bacteria. We have engaged an external firm to harvest and send us new bacteria that can be put into Pond 1 as soon as possible. They have been sent all relevant data to analyse the condition of the ponds in order to devise a treatment plan with assurance of a quick turnaround timeframe.
• We are also seeking a new 30,000 litre tank and pump so tanker waste is deposited into this tank rather than Pond 1, and drip feed into Pond 1. If the issue is high organic or oily waste, then we can prevent this from turning the ponds upside down.