30 June 2021
On Wednesday 4 August we will be having our Infrastructure and Services committee and Policy and Strategy committee meetings. These are open to the public to view and are livestreamed via our Facebook page. You can find the full agendas here
If you would like to speak to any agenda items at the public forum segment of the meeting, please call 06 3794030 to register at least 24 hours prior to the meeting
Some agenda items of interest include:
🌳The fantastic work being done around the District by our Parks and Reserves Team
💩A Progress report on the wastewater treatment plant upgrade
👃Actions taken and costs involved to mitigate the smell at the existing wastewater ponds at Daleton Farm after an unknown contaminant entered the system, as well as actions being taken to prevent a reoccurrence of odour for extended periods of time should contamination reoccur. 💲 The costs outlined in the report are covered by a mixture of 2020-21 operating costs, upcoming 2021-22 operating costs budget and forecasted capex for future installation and power of aerators. 2021-22 operating costs can be managed within existing approvals and the capital for arerators included within low interest loans secured from the Local Government Funding Agency, meaning no current additional cost this financial year and minimal future direct cost.
🗣Feedback on the Eastern Growth Plan and proposed next steps which includes investigation water supply possibilities for growth, including sustainability and resilience factors for the future of the Carterton Urban water supply
🚗 Recommendation to adopt a Dust Suppression Policy which will allow property owners with houses adjacent to metal roads to apply to Council for dust suppressant adjacent to their property for a maximum length of 100 metres (minimum 50m).