4 April 2023

You may have noticed the streetlights in your area are not currently working.
The Council was alerted by its contractors early on Friday morning to a network fault affecting all streets between Brooklyn Road to Victoria Street including side streets, and High Street from Victoria Street to Pembroke Street.

Please be kind to our amazing, helpful and lovely front office staff who turn up every day to try and look after our residents. They will happily listen to you and log your complaint, but we will not allow them to receive unnecessary abuse.

What’s the process for tgetting the streetlights repaired?

The Council helps maintain the streetlights, but we do not own them.

When one streetlight is out it is likely to need a bulb replacement, which the Council is able to repair.

When there is a whole section of lights out, this indicates a network fault. The Council is unable to repair this and it falls to the asset owner to repair. In these situations  we log an urgent request for service with our power supplier Mercury, who contact the asset owner Powerco to arrange repair.

When will they be repaired?
Currently, the timeframe for repair is unknown. This is due to the majority of powerline contractors being redeployed to areas of New Zealand which were adversely affected by Cyclone Gabrielle.

We understand it can be concerning for residents to be without streetlights and we want to assure you that we will continue to follow up on our request for these to be repaired urgently.

How can I find out more?
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