Animal Control: Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 28 Jun, 2023 07:06pm

Questions and answers about dog control in Carterton District.

Do I need to tell you if I've transferred from another district?

You need to register your dog with us.
There’s no charge if they were registered with another council but you need to complete a Transfer of District Form.

Can I pay part-year fees?

If you got your dog midway through the registration year (1 July – 30 June) you can pay for the months remaining.

Can I get a replacement tag?

Yes. These are available at our Council Office.

How many dogs can I have?

You can have 2 dogs per property in the urban area.

You can apply for a permit to keep more than two in the urban area.
Download an application form:

I have got a new dog. What do need to do?

You need to register your dog with Council. Please contact us or drop in to Council Offices for a registration form.

I’ve lost my dog. What do I do?

Call Animal Services

We will tell you if they have already been picked up, and we will let the Animal Control officers know to keep an eye out for them

Phone: 06 379 4045
Mobile: 027 242 8919
Afterhours:027 451 5195

My dog has died. Can I get a refund of my registration fees?


If your dog has died, please notify the council by filling out a Deceased Dog Declaration.

You’re entitled to a refund of the current year’s registration. We calculate the refund from the date you notify us that your dog has died until the end of the registration period.