5 August 2022

Fulton Hogan has resubmitted a Certificate of Compliance application for a quarry in Matarawa. This has now been approved as it is deemed to be a permitted activity under the current Combined District Plan. This means Carterton District Council is unable to prevent the quarry from proceeding, as it meets the criteria of a permitted activity.

The Council previously declined the proposed Matarawa quarry application based on uncertainty as to whether it was a permitted activity under the current Combined District Plan. The Council also received legal advice to this effect. Fulton Hogan objected to Council’s decision, which Council took into consideration and confirmed its earlier decision to decline. Because of this, the matter went to a hearing with an independent commissioner to determine the objection and activity status on 11 April. The decision was released on 2 May. The Certificate of Compliance was declined based Fulton Hogan’s intention to store its vehicles onsite overnight, which does not fall within the scope of the Combined District Plan. However, Council stated at the time that should Fulton Hogan resubmit its application and remove the proposal to store vehicles onsite, the Council would unfortunately have no grounds to decline the application based on the Commissioner’s decision.

Fulton Hogan has now resubmitted its application and has removed its intention to store vehicles outdoors onsite overnight, therefore, removing the part of the original application which was deemed unpermitted under the plan. The new application includes the intention to build a 24m2 shed in which to store one vehicle in. As this is a permitted activity, the Council had no grounds on which to decline the application.

District Plans must be reviewed and updated every ten years. The existing Wairarapa Combined District Plan is now 10 years old and due for review and renewal. This review is currently underway and is an opportunity to influence how the Council controls land use and subdivision in the District. To find out more information on the process and how to get involved, visit www.wairarapaplan.co.nz