Jay, the huntaway cross who spent a few weeks at Carterton District dog pound, is earning a second chance at a new life as an airport sniffer dog.

And his old room-mate may be joining him.

Jay is one of a pair of dogs brought into our pound last month.

The Wellington Airport’s K9 Explosive Detector Dog Unit picked up on Carterton District Council’s bid to find the duo a new home.

The two-year-old pup is currently in training at Wellington Airport, enjoying an extended trial with the airport’s K9 Explosive Detector Dog Unit.

The Unit named the youngster as part of his one week trial with the Unit, who train puppies and young dogs into protecting the capital’s borders and departures.

Nick, a trainer at the Unit, said it was early days but Jay was proving to be a good prospect to join the team.

“Jay is having fun. He is highly driven for play, and finding the ball. He needs to start using his nose. It’s a good sign that we have extended the trial period.”

Solitaire Robertson, Planning & Regulatory Services Manager at Carterton District Council, was delighted about the opportunity both dogs are getting.

“It is such good news that both these dogs get a second chance. If they do get taken on by the Unit it would be a fantastic happy ending to their story, and a great outcome.”

The K9 unit will make a decision on Jay’s future this month.

And his old roommate in the Carterton shelter, the four-year-old Labrador cross, has also been signed up for a trial period with the airport squad.

The lab heads over the Remutaka Hill after a short stay with the SPCA.

The Unit is always on the lookout for talented dogs who may add to their numbers.

Get in touch with CDC to find out more about rehoming dogs. Call 06 379 4030 or email info@cdc.govt.nz.