Do you work in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, maths), aviation or aerospace? Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival 2023 and Inspiring the Future Aotearoa are looking for people to engage with rangatahi about their mahi as part of the Take Flight youth programme.

Take Flight is a STEAM youth programme run in Masterton as part of Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival and includes a Schools Day on Friday 24 February 2023.  A new feature of Schools Day are activities targeting Year 8s to 13s as they consider their transitions from school to work.

We are looking for a diverse bunch of helpers, including young people recently out of study or new to a particular role.

Your time investment will be 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday 24 February. Anything from a half to a full day with breaks depending on which option you choose.

Read on and sign up for one of these options!

Inspiring the Future workshops

Inspiring the Future Aotearoa is a programme that connects rangatahi with volunteer role models from the world of work in fun and inspiring workshops. These are one hour long and involve:

  • 20 questions. Rangatahi ask questions to try to guess what job role models do.
  • The reveal. Role models leave the space and come back wearing work clothes or carrying props that represent what they do. They reveal their job and share their story about how they got there.
  • Discussion groups. Rangatahi ask role models questions and learn more about their job and story.

Sign up for the Inspiring the Future workshops:

  1. Go to and sign up as a role model.
  2. Fill in a profile about yourself and your story.
  3. You will need to complete a criminal record check. Having a criminal record doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be a role model.
  4. You will be invited to two or three workshops by email.


Pathways Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are short conversations (up to 20 minutes) held between a volunteer (the ‘expert’) and a small group of rangatahi in an informal setting.  Students can choose which pathway topic or role they want to know more about. The conversation comprises three elements:

  • the expert talking about their role/what they do
  • the expert’s own personal story/pathway
  • opportunities for students to ask questions.

Sign up to be a Lightning Talks Speaker:

Visit the Wings over Wairarapa website, and go to  Speakers and Role Models — Wings over Wairarapa  to pick a slot.

Please send further enquiries to