10 May 2021

On Wednesday 12 May, we have our Audit and Risk committee meeting and our Ordinary Council meeting. These are open to the public and will be livestreamed via our Facebook channel.
Full agendas can be found here

Big items to note are:
🏫 A review of the clocktower earthquake strengthening process
💧 A full report on the potable water transgressions/boil water notices
🚽 Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project update
🧍‍♂️ Declaration by Dale Williams following his successful election onto council

We have also posted all the recordings from the 2 days of submission hearings and deliberations on our Draft Ten Year Plan. These are available to watch here
Some notable things which came out of the deliberations which will be reflected in an updated draft at the 23 June Ordinary Council meeting:

Consultation Item 1: Confirms Option B, relocating the existing Council operations yard to Daleton Farm and creating car parking, be included in the Draft Ten Year Plan, but within the budget consulted on.
Notes: that the budget estimates will be reviewed and if the project cannot be constructed for the budget, the project will either be reduced in scope or abandoned.

Consultation Item 2: Confirms Option A, begin work on Trail 1 – Greytown to Carterton, be included in the Draft Ten Year Plan.

Consultation Item 3: Confirms Option B, include budget capacity for the purchase of land for public spaces and accessways/laneways in the town centre, be included in the Draft Ten Year Plan.

i. In the Water Activities section add explanation in 10YP about what activity is being funded.
ii. Add into the Governance Activity section a description about intentions to change the Financial Contributions in the District Plan so that developers contribute the majority of funding to develop the Eastern Growth Area.
iii. Agreed $2,000 additional funding to Enviro Schools to support their extended programme.
iv. Change language in the 10 Year Plan document to avoid the use of “business as usual”, recognising under climate change we are changing the way we do our business.
v. Commit to permanently continue of the part time Positive Aging Co-ordinator role after December 2021.
vi. Agree to fund the Wairarapa Dark Skies Association up to $6,000 for a co-ordinator role.
vii. Co-fund up to $10K for a new swimming pool slide, and seek co-funding led by the community to assist its purchase.
viii. Additional communications staff member to provide more public updates and information on council business and projects