We need to plan for where to accommodate the increasing Carterton population, new housing and businesses. It is projected the urban area of Carterton will need to accommodate approximately 1,000 new houses between now and 2043.

In 2017 Carterton District Council prepared a Growth Strategy to help decide where and how to accommodate future residential and business growth in the District. This showed that providing more housing and businesses in the existing urban area and expanding the urban area was required.

The Growth Strategy identified the eastern side of the Carterton urban area as the most suitable location and direction for new greenfield development due to its proximity and accessibility to existing community and infrastructure facilities and services. Since then, the council has been investigating how to undertake development to the east of Carterton.

The Carterton East Structure Plan has been prepared to enable and manage this new development.

Read the draft structure plan here

Have Your Say

  • Should we be providing for a range of housing types or certain/sizes of housing types?
  • Should more or less areas of green/open space be provided when this area is developed?
  • Are there any features we have not identified which should be incorporated into the Structure Plan?
  • Are there any constraints which may limit the ability to develop in this area?

Email you feedback to easterngrowth@cdc.govt.nz before 30 January 2021.