The Wairarapa Combined District Plan Review Process will celebrate an important milestone on Thursday 15 September.

The Draft District Plan will be adopted by the Joint Committee, which marks the end of the initial research and scoping phase.

The Draft Plan will be released for public consultation at the end of October 2022, following the local government elections. This will be an informal process and is an extra chance for the community to
provide feedback ahead of the formal notification in 2023.

Engagement will take place in the form of written feedback, and also through community ‘drop-in’ sessions, where planning staff will be available to discuss any aspects of the Draft District Plan with
the public.

Independent Chair of the Joint Committee, David McMahon, said ‘This is a point in the process worth celebrating, because it is the product of lots of hard mahi as well as some great collaborative workshopping, under the trying circumstances of the last three years.’

The Joint Committee acknowledges further work is required once Greater Wellington has furnish the committee with flood mapping, and iwi are still to provide further input as well.

The Committee is however, confident that these two pieces of work will be completed in time for the next public consultation phase which is likely to commence in June 2023 with the notified District Plan and the associated formal submission process.

Mr McMahon said ‘while it is not an ideal situation, it should not detract from the excellent work from the team on all other chapters under review’.

‘The upside is this does provide an opportunity for the community to contribute feedback on topics still under development’ said McMahon.

Pending receipt of the additional information, and the receipt of comments from the public on the draft District Plan, the Plan will be more fully developed in time for formal notification and engagement on the Proposed District Plan, which will take place in mid-2023.

Visit the website for more information, including all upcoming engagement opportunities once they are finalised.