Media Statement: Tuesday 11th December 2018

Delayed Mudfish relocation set to get underway 

For the past few months Carterton District Council has been planning to re home native mudfish found on Daleton Farm, ahead of construction of 200,000m3 storage ponds.

However, delays on the rehoming project occurred following the discovery of a compromised seal to the new habitat, meaning retaining water was a challenge.

Infrastructure Manager Dave Gittings says research into an alternative home had begun, but thankfully for Council (and the mudfish), recent rain and the seal holding means the original habitat is now suitable and rehoming is likely to go ahead during the Christmas period.

“Although we have been looking for alternative habitats we are really happy that we can stick to the original plan.”

“Now that the seal is secured and water being pumped into the wetland is being retained the mudfish relocation can go ahead.”

The rehoming process is expected to take several days depending on how quickly the fish are caught in the existing habitat.

Council is currently making contact with pre-registered volunteers who will be expected to help Council staff with creating the catch channels in the habitat, setting of the nets and transportation of the mudfish and other related duties under the direction of a Council freshwater ecologist.

Dave says re homing the mudfish is the right thing to do.

“It’s important that the next stage of the wastewater project goes ahead as it is primarily for environmental purposes and reducing discharge to the water ways of the district, but not at the expense of the mudfish. Creating the wetlands has provided the appropriate environment and we are happy to be contributing positively to our local ecology.”

If you would like to volunteer for the relocation project please let us know by emailing by Monday 17th December.


Media contact

Kate Jurlina
Carterton District Council
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Volunteer Coordinator

Casey Spencer

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