The iconic Carterton Clock Tower will soon undergo required earthquake strengthening works.

The work, scheduled to take place in the next few months, will mean some disruption to the site and in particular the silencing of the clock tower bell.

Carterton District Council Planning and Regulatory Manager Dave Gittings explains that the remedial team will take the opportunity to give the clock mechanism some much needed maintenance.

“Although the town may be silent of clock bells for possibly up to several weeks, the opportunity to maintain the clock mechanism while the earthquake strengthening is happening makes sense.”

“We understand that this may be upsetting for some residents, but the contractors will work efficiently to ensure the clock is only out of action for the necessary period.”

The clock tower is a significant land mark on the Carterton landscape and any ideas to enhance its character are always carefully considered.

As part of the project two trees will need to be removed.

Dr Gittings says removing the trees is unfortunate but necessary.

“We have identified that the roots from these trees are having an effect on the surrounding infrastructure, therefore we need to remedy this issue. However, our community is very proud of our gardens and therefore, planning will commence to replace the existing trees with a landscape design which will suit the needs of the environment and the surrounding infrastructure.”

The tower will also receive a fresh application of paint.