We know many of you will be wanting to know the outcome of the clock tower decision at Wednesday’s Ordinary Council meeting.

A report was made to council for additional funding to complete the remediation work on the clock tower. The estimated cost to complete the work on the tower is $350k, bringing the estimated full cost for remediation to $560k. The total spend on the remediation thus far has been $210K of an original allocation of $270K. Council was asked to approve the additional spend of up to $290K to complete the groundwork remediation of the clock tower, the seismic wrap, plastering and painting. This can be funded through equity reserves which won’t increase rates.

The council decided it was in the best interest of the town centre to continue with the remediation work, which required additional funding of $290,000. This will be funded through reserves and won’t increase rates.

Mayor Greg Lang said at the meeting that continuing the clock tower work was important to help with revitalising our town centre and to provide certainty for jobs in the current climate.

“When earthquake strengthening comes in in 2021, we’re asking businesses to go through what we’re going through, especially in these hard times,” he said.

Mayor Lang said he wanted to lead by example, and leaving a wreck on High Street would not be be doing that.

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