25 February 2023

Carterton District Council will be publicly consulting on how to proceed with the building at 29 Holloway Street, due to the considerable maintenance required to bring it up to a reasonable, operational standard.

The building was purchased by council in 2005. In 2009 the Council consulted during its 2009/2019 Long Term Plan on the sale of 29 Holloway Street to support with building costs for the Carterton Event Centre. However, in 2015, the council decided to retain the building until future governance outcomes for Wairarapa had been determined, as this was during the voting period on the amalgamation proposal.

Recent extreme weather events have seen the building severely damaged. Damages included flooding through the roof, walls and light sockets, with resultant damage to the office, hallway and carpets. The tenants’ ability to trade has been interrupted by this damage.

Temporary repairs have been made, however these have identified further issues which may result in flooding spreading to a neighbouring property. Figures to repair all damages and prevent further occurrences have not been finalised but have been estimated to be upwards of $100,000.

The Council will therefore consult with the public on what it should do next, with the preferred option being to sell the building. The consultation is expected to take place by June 2023. The affected tenants have been notified and will be supported by Council throughout this process.