11 March 2021

With the remedial work on the Carterton clock tower now complete, Carterton District Council has revealed the exciting concept plans for the landscaping around the clocktower.

The designs, produced by local landscape architect Hamish Moorhead, show the Council’s plans to create an open green space, embracing the look and feel of a ‘community lounge’ – something Carterton residents have expressed they wanted for the town centre. The space will include timber seating, a new plinth added to the base of the clock tower to provide additional seating, and lots of planting, including three new trees to create shade around the seating.Carterton Clock Town Sketch Design 2.0 Page 4

“We’re excited with how the concept plans have captured the things our community wants and needs for its public spaces. It ties in really well with what we’re working towards with our town centre rejuvenation,” said Mayor Greg Lang.

One of the most important new features lowering the ground level of the main seating space to footpath level to remove the current step up from the footpath, making the area accessible to those using wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

“We have a lot of older residents in Carterton who rely on mobility scooters to get around which makes the current area around the clock inaccessible for them,” said Parks and Reserves Manager, Clinton Thompson.

“Accessibility is at the forefront of our minds when maintaining facilities and creating new spaces so we’re really pleased all residents will be able to enjoy this new community space.

“It’s for this same reason we unfortunately have to remove the tree on the footpath by the pedestrian crossing. The footpath surrounding the tree has become a trip hazard for pedestrians and particularly unsafe for those in wheelchairs or mobility scooters due to the uplifted roots and the cracks they have caused.”

“The Council only removes trees as a last resort and does so in keeping with its Urban Street Tree Policy. We never want to remove a tree if there are other options, but the safety of our residents always comes first.

“We will be replacing the removed tree with three trees around the clock tower. Our parks team has been busy planting around the District to compensate for any urgent, necessary tree removal and has already planted 400 trees this year.”

The landscaping project is set to begin in Autumn in partnership with landscaper/community member Tom Conwell. The Carterton Lions Club have generously agreed to give their time to help make this project happen for the benefit of the community and will create a memorial garden to the late Mick Rayner, who was a foundation member that served the Carterton Lions for almost 50 years.