The New Year has started with a small number of building consent applications coming into council, but there continues to be high demand on inspections.

The Building team are taking the processing time as a chance to chase up older projects where no Code of Compliance Certificates [CCC] have been issued, or consents have been “on suspend” for a while with no response.

Sort out a CCC!

We suggest at the end of your job, make sure the owner is clear about the need to apply for a CCC.

This avoids the frustration of trying to sort it out a few years down the track.

When we contact owners, more often than not they are surprised that the CCC wasn’t issued then have to start running around gathering paperwork.

Make sure everyone gets a copy!

One recurring issue we face is where the owner does not have the appropriate records of work.

It is also worth noting that all Licensed Building Practitioners [LBPs] working on a job have to issue records of work for what they have done, not just the boss.

Get in touch

We are looking forward to another action packed year. Don’t forget we are happy to hear from you if anything crops up. Pop into the office at 28 Holloway Street, call us on 06 379 4030 or email