Black is the new green in Carterton, as the Council addresses a supply shortage of its green rubbish bags.

Carterton District Council’s supplier has experienced delays and isn’t able to supply enough regular green council branded rubbish bags before supplies run out. Council has put a plan in place to ensure urban residents can continue to have their kerbside rubbish collection each week, by supplying a heavy-duty black bag with an authorised sticker already attached.

The cost of the bags will remain at the same low cost of $2.80 which covers the bag, collection service and disposal.

For rural residents, these bags will still be accepted as official Council rubbish bags as the Transfer Station.

Operations Manager Rachel Round said while our rubbish bags may look a little different for a while, we still have plenty available.

“You will still be able to buy official Council rubbish bags at all the places you usually get them, but they may look a little different for a while,” she said.

“Whether your bag is the regular green Council bag, or a black bag with a sticker, you can rest assured your kerbside collection will continue as normal.

“If using a black stickered bag, we ask that you please place it on the kerb with the sticker facing the road to make things easier for the collection team.”

Running low on the supply of green bags has served as a good reminder to fill bags up before putting them out for collection.

“We know that some areas of Carterton are going through a high number of bags due to putting them out on the kerb when they are only partially filled.

“This has increased the number of bags we have had to supply.”

Council anticipates black stickered bags will be a temporary measure and will be able to fulfil green bag supplies again in the coming months.