28 June 2021

On Wednesday 30 June we have our extraordinary council meeting at 1pm in the Events Centre. This is open to the public to view and will be livestreamed via our Facebook page.

The main item on the agenda will be the adoption of the Draft Ten Year Plan for 2021-2031. This is the final version of the plan we want to put in place following your feedback in April and May.

The agenda for the meeting can be found here http://carterton.infocouncil.biz/

The Ten Year Plan document in the agenda is hard to read so we have attached it separately here https://cdc.govt.nz/…/Ten-Year-Plan-Te-Mahere…
As mentioned above, this version of the plan is the amended version proposed for final adoption following consultation and deliberations. The original draft we consulted on can be found here https://cdc.govt.nz/…/2021-03-15-DRAFT-10YP2021-2031…

The things we changed between the two versions of the plan following submission hearings and deliberations were listed here https://cdc.govt.nz/plans/tenyearplan/
and here https://cdc.govt.nz/important-public-reports-now…/
The reason the adoption of the Ten Year Plan was delayed from 23 June to 30 June was explained here https://cdc.govt.nz/adoption-of-the-draft-long-term-plan…/

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