Carrington Park

Last updated: 19 May, 2022 10:42am

Carrington Park is Carterton’s largest park, incorporating a children’s play area, walking track, fitness equipment, outdoor basketball court, skate ramp and Band Rotunda. Cricket, Soccer and Athletics are the main sporting groups utilising the playing field.

Address: High Street South, Carterton

  • Historic Band Rotunda
  • Public toilets
  • Kids playground
  • Skateboard ramp
  • AstroTurf – all-weather cricket pitch
  • Fitness trail
  • Changing room
  • Wicket block
  • Long jump pits
  • Discus/shot- put launching pad
  • Skating ring/basketball court
  • Sealed carpark
  • Tree lighting
  • Litter bins
  • Tables and seating
  • Solar lighting

About the Park

Carrington Park is well used by the community.

There is a sealed pathway running around the perimeter of the park and exercise equipment painted bright blue around the pathway.

It is a meeting area for many locals for dog walking and exercise.

In front stands the band rotunda, children’s play area, seats and tables with BBQ facilities for family picnics, and a basketball court area.

More recently added is a skate park for skateboarders and a miniature road system with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings for children to ride or scooter around.


In 1896 Sir Walter Buchanan and William Booth gifted Carrington Park to Carterton.


The park at the time was in an undeveloped state and was first let for stumping, clearing and cropping.  In 1904 the Council seriously considered subdividing the High Street frontage into building sections on leasehold tenure.


Sir Walter, as surviving donor was consulted.  Fortunately for Carterton he discouraged the plan.


The Band Rotunda was designed by architect M.R. Varnham and built in 1911-12,  erected in the Park in honour of the coronation of King George V.


Its construction was funded by the community and a government subsidy and was officially opened on 8 February 1912.


The rotunda was then regularly used by the local band until it disbanded, and for other public events and celebrations.


The structure is a focal point within one of the town’s main parks and contributes a small piece of Edwardian whimsy to modern-day Carterton.


It has historic and social significance related to its long community use as a musical and public speaking platform.


The Band Rotunda has been assigned a Historic Place Category 2.