Sparks Park

Last updated: 08 Jul, 2024 09:57am

Sparks Park includes 7.5 acres of green belt, with grassy land, lime pathways with a lake and stream, bridges, and seating, located on Belvedere Road.

Address: Belvedere Road, Carterton

  • Lake
  • Shelter planting
  • Landscaping avenue of pin oaks
  • Bridge
  • Spring bulbs

About the Park

The Park is a favourite for local residents, children catching tadpoles and frogs, dog walkers, young cyclists and runners alike.

There is extensive tree planting giving shade in the summer and daffodils flower in the spring along the road frontage.

It is overseen by The Sparks Park Trust elected by the local community to manage and develop the land on behalf of the council.

Dog walkers are reminded that for safety this is not a dedicated, off-leash/ fenced dog-park and that all dogs should be controlled to avoid danger or nuisance to others in line with regulations as stated at the gate.

Doggy-do bags are available at the entrance to the park.  Currently, there are no toilet facilities in the park.



Sparks Park is closed to the public for mowing and maintenance every Monday morning from 7.30am to 9.30am. Users are unable to access the area during this period.
Closing the park completely while we carry out these works helps to ensure the safety of the public, Council staff, families and pets. This closure is in line with our Reserve Management Plan and the Wairarapa Consolidated Bylaws
Sparks Park will remain open on any Public Holidays that fall on a Monday. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Why Monday mornings? 
    Monday’s rubbish & recycling programme makes mowing in town impractical, but it’s a good time to sort our parks. 
  • Why close the park completely? 
    It is safer to isolate the park when heavy machinery is present. 
  • Will everything be done on Monday mornings? 
    There may be a need for work at other times but, weather and capacity permitting, Monday morning will be a work day at the park. Work may be delayed by weather, but we’ll provide any updates as soon as practical. We’ll notify the community of any substantial changes in advance, via our Carterton District Council Facebook page. 



In 1999 Dulcie Routhan gifted some of her land in Beveldere Road to the Carterton community to be developed into a park with the proviso it be named Spark’s Park after her grandfather, Thomas Spark.