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Last updated: 19 Feb, 2024 03:17pm

Carterton’s Ten year Plan, more commonly known as the Long Term Plan(LTP), is the Council’s key planning document. Its purpose is to enhance transparency Have Your Say Midweek Quarter Page Age 182 X 126 Mmand accountability to the Carterton community by outlining the activities of the Council over the next ten years, including costs and funding. Consulting on a draft plan  is another step in the ongoing process to understand community needs and how to best respond to them.

It also provides a link to other Council planning documents, plus regional and national documents that are relevant to the Council.

Development of the LTP requires the Council to look at the ‘big picture’ as well as focusing on planning on a year-to-year basis. The LTP sets out the short, medium, and long-term priorities of the Council and shows how the Council will contribute to the four well-beings (social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being) and achieve progress towards the community outcomes.


Submissions for the 2021-2031 Ten Year Plan will open on 18 March 2021 and closed at noon 19 April.


Taking the ideas 715 ideas from the Big Jar of Ideas and putting them in the draft plan

In July 2020, we asked you:

  • What’s your big idea for Carterton?
  • Have our district’s needs changed in the last year?
  • What things would you like the council to focus on for the next 10 years? 

What was in the jars?


Here’s the Big List of Big Ideas from the Big Jar! [duplicate ideas such as ‘McDonalds’, profanities and personal details have been removed].

Which ideas will the council end up using?

The council read all 715 ideas and considered them alongside its current projects and activities. This helped form the draft 2021-2031 Long-Term plan which we will be will then consulting on with residents between 18 March and 19 April to give you a final say on the items it is proposing to include.

Following the submission hearings and deliberations which were held on 5th and 6th May, the following changes will be made to the Draft Ten Year Plan and will be reflected in an updated draft at the 23 June Ordinary Council meeting:

Consultation Item 1: Confirms Option B, relocating the existing Council operations yard to Daleton Farm and creating car parking, be included in the Draft Ten Year Plan, but within the budget consulted on.
Notes: that the budget estimates will be reviewed and if the project cannot be constructed for the budget, the project will either be reduced in scope or abandoned.

Consultation Item 2: Confirms Option A, begin work on Trail 1 – Greytown to Carterton, be included in the Draft Ten Year Plan.

Consultation Item 3: Confirms Option B, include budget capacity for the purchase of land for public spaces and accessways/laneways in the town centre, be included in the Draft Ten Year Plan.

i. In the Water Activities section add explanation in 10YP about what activity is being funded.
ii. Add into the Governance Activity section a description about intentions to change the Financial Contributions in the District Plan so that developers contribute the majority of funding to develop the Eastern Growth Area.
iii. Agreed $2,000 additional funding to Enviro Schools to support their extended programme.
iv. Change language in the 10 Year Plan document to avoid the use of “business as usual”, recognising under climate change we are changing the way we do our business.
v. Commit to permanently continue of the part time Positive Aging Co-ordinator role after December 2021.
vi. Agree to fund the Wairarapa Dark Skies Association up to $6,000 for a co-ordinator role.
vii. Co-fund up to $10K for a new swimming pool slide, and seek co-funding led by the community to assist its purchase.
viii. Additional communications staff member to provide more public updates and information on council business and projects

Consultation Document (printable version)

Printing instructions:

  • Select A4, landscape, 2 sided flip on short edge
  • Go to Properties > layout > left bind

Click here to download printable PDF or see below to view the online e-booklet.