10 November 2023

To read more about water conservation or to look at Carterton’s water usage charts, visit cdc.govt.nz/water.

Carterton District Council and our community are preparing for an impending dry summer by adopting water-saving strategies.

Weather forecasts anticipate a drier-than-usual summer, which means now is the time to consider immediate action to conserve water resources.

Carterton primarily relies on an aquifer in the southern part of the urban area and the nearby Kaipaitangata Stream for potable water, both of which are vulnerable to dry conditions.

Geoff Hamilton, Carterton District Council Chief Executive, has emphasised the Council’s increased focus on water resilience and conservation.

“Our water reticulation teams have been diligently addressing leaks in the urban network,” Mr Hamilton said.

“Council will deploy new potable water tanks on Dalefield Road, providing four million litres of additional storage, this summer, enhancing our water resilience.

“Water storage and smart use in such conditions is essential. Heavy rains, like those experienced in Wairarapa over the past two summers take time to replenish water sources. Immediate action is vital to protect the environment.”

Mr Hamilton urged households, businesses, and the community to practice water conservation.

“Carterton remains susceptible to prolonged dry spells. Despite these efforts, water restrictions are inevitable, as the water supply is finite.  Water conservation is a key part of our resource consent requirements. Complying with conservation measures is not only a responsibility but also critical for preventing bushfires in dry conditions.”

Our community showed its innovation and consideration during last summer’s “Be A Water Hero” campaign, sharing and displaying water conservation techniques with Council online.

“This year, we will share these examples with the public to inspire more water-saving ideas,” Mr Hamilton said.

“For instance, we encourage pool owners to refill their pools now, before warmer weather arrives.

“If we all consider conservation measures, improvements, and a strong focus on responsible water use, our community’s water needs will be met while safeguarding against scarcity and environmental threats.”