Wairarapa, we need to manage the amount of waste we send to landfill. Every year about 600 kilograms of waste per person is sent to landfill. We need to cut that by a third.

The three Wairarapa councils are proposing a new bylaw that includes initiatives to reduce and manage waste. The initiatives include:

  • Event waste management: a new requirement for any large public outdoor event with expected attendance of more than 1,000 to have a waste management plan. There will be a one-year delay before this requirement comes into force.|
  • Construction and demolition waste management: councils will be able to seek a construction site and demolition waste management plan before any building work with an estimated value of $2 million or higher begins.
  • Unaddressed advertising mail and litter: councils will be empowered to take action on any unaddressed mail that breaches accepted codes of practice for observing “no circulars”, “no junk mail” etc.
  • Regional waste operator licensing: The current lack of consolidated waste data limits the ability of councils to plan effective ways to minimise waste. To help, we’re proposing a licensing system for regional waste operators that would allow us to collect information on the amount, and type, of waste within the region.

For the details on the above initiatives read through the Statement of Proposal

Proposed Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2021

Proposed Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw Controls 2021

Submissions on the proposed bylaw close Monday 30 November.

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Carterton District Council
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