Wairarapa’s District Councils have launched Te Rautaki Rangatahi o Wairarapa: Wairarapa Youth Strategy.

It is the first time all three councils have come together to develop a common vision for rangatahi across the Wairarapa.

The strategy sets out seven priorities that rangatahi in the Wairarapa region have identified and what councils can do to respond to, and support, their needs and aspirations.

During August and September 2022, Wairarapa councils engaged with 28 rangatahi groups and schools across the region – reaching more than 1,300 rangatahi and receiving more than 3,000 suggestions on ways to make Wairarapa a great region where young people can thrive.

In the Strategy, the Wairarapa Mayors agree their role is to ensure the viewpoints of all who call Wairarapa home are considered when making decisions on their behalf.

“We, and our elected colleagues, represent our communities in their entirety – a vital sector of which is made up of rangatahi, those aged 12 to 24.

“This Strategy outlines how the region’s three councils should consider the provision of services, facilities, and activities for our young people. It is a lens that we can use when delivering for or working with rangatahi in the region – one that can be applied across all the work we do.

“Our publication of this strategy signals our commitment to the first of many waypoints as leaders and as Councils; every decision we make from this point forward demands we check and recheck our commitment to this strategy, its objectives, and our Wairarapa rangatahi.”

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