Carterton District Council has accepted a request by Audit New Zealand to delay the adoption of our Long Term Plan by a week

Council will now meet on Monday 8 July at 9am, rather than Monday [1July].

Geoff Hamilton, Chief Executive of Carterton District Council said the delay was highly unfortunate but necessary, as Council is unable to adopt the LTP without an audit opinion.

“The Office of the Auditor General confirmed that Councils are able to adopt their LTP’s later this year, including up to 30 September if required.” Mr Hamilton said,

“This option remains available to us and means we will still comply with the legislative requirement when we adopt on 8 July.

“The issue is we are unable to set the rates until we adopt an LTP – however as the change is only one week, so we do not expect the first rates instalment to be affected.

The meeting will now take place at the Hurunui o Rangi Room at Carterton Events Centre from 9am on Monday 8 July.

Download/View the agenda or visit our Meetings page for more information.