Carterton District Council is excited to announce a further step towards improving coastline resilience against extreme weather and flooding, as we continue to tackle climate change impacts and boost recovery from the aftermath of Cyclones Hales and Gabrielle.

CDC has successfully secured a substantial $350,000 from the Local Government Flood Resilience Co-Investment Fund for our Flat Point Flood resilience project.

This funding injection will be channelled into enhancing flood resilience at Flat Point, the heart of Carterton District’s coastal community, consisting of 100 properties frequently affected by surface water flooding during heavy rainfall.

The innovative initiative will investigate the construction of a planted, earthen bund around Flat Point’s northern and western boundaries, redirecting surface water into the ocean.

Cyclone debris will be redeployed in building this protective bund, with planted native flora also playing a part in resisting the flooding.

Geoff Hamilton, Chief Executive of CDC, expressed his delight in receiving support for this vital project, emphasising its alignment with the Fund’s vision for climate change resilience.

“We are confident the work aligns with the vision behind the fund to ensure that our people, places, and systems are resilient and able to adapt to the effects of unavoidable climate change,” Mr. Hamilton said.

“CDC remains committed to increasing resilience within our planning and for a more prepared future, and fostering such partnerships with central Government and other stakeholders supports our planning.

The Cyclone Recovery Unit, part of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet [DPMC], administers the Local Government Flood Resilience Co-Investment Fund.

“We are grateful to the Unit and the DPMC for the award and look forward to working together to safeguard one of our most vulnerable communities,” Mr. Hamilton said.

CDC will join forces with Crown Infrastructure Partners [CIP] to plan and execute this project in the coming weeks and months. 


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