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Last updated: 26 Jul, 2021 11:54am

Carterton District Council recognises the important role it plays in supporting local young people to achieve successful outcomes both now, and in the future. We aim to support opportunities, programmes and initiatives that provide positive experiences, strengthen community connections and build resilience so young people have the skills and confidence to engage positively in, and contribute to, their community.

Rangatahi to Rangatira

R2R is a youth project that develops and encourages young people in Carterton to be involved in the community, be more aware of political, social, and environmental changes that are happening, and how to change the things they want.

More information is available on the Rangatahi to Rangatira webpage.

Tuia Leadership Programme

Tuia is an intentional, long term, inter-generational approach to develop and enhance the way in which rangatahi Māori (Māori young people) contribute to communities throughout New Zealand.

Each year, the Council selects a Tuia leader who works closely with Mayor Greg Lang in a mentoring relationship to enhance their leadership skills and increase their ability to contribute to the community.  The relationship also provides advice to Council about young people’s perspectives and cultural experiences.

Previous Carterton Tuia leaders include Anaru Te Rangi and Dallas Te Rangi.

Wairarapa Youth Council

The Wairarapa Youth Council is a great way for young people to affect change in their communities. If you want to have input into decisions about issues in the community, you can participate in youth councils to make your voice heard.  The Wairarapa Youth Council is made up of a group of young people who meet fortnightly to discuss and address youth related topics such as things to do, places to go, employment opportunities, training programmes, and anything else that relates to the Wairarapa and its young people.

For more information is available on the Wairarapa Youth Council website.


Wairarapa Youth Development Strategy 2016-2021

The Wairarapa District Councils Youth Development Strategy outlines the way in which Councils will work together to improve and integrate their work for youth.  Two key goals have been identified:

  1. Strengthening Youth Voice – Wairarapa youth positively participate in Council and community affairs
  2. Support Youth Potential – Wairarapa youth are supported to reach their full potential and grow into vibrant, optimistic and connected adults

More information is available by contacting Gerry Brooking, People and Wellbeing Manager, gerry@cdc.govt.nz / 06 379 4083 / 027 865 4007.

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