We’re talking about what’s important for

Carterton’s future

Last updated: 25 Jul, 2022 05:51pm

A lot has changed in the past few months, but here in Carterton we’re getting things moving again.

We want to hear from you about what you think is important for ngā wā āmua ā Taratahi – Carterton’s future.

We’ve really enjoyed our community kōrero

Last year, Ka Pai Carterton received some great ideas from residents about what they wanted for Carterton’s future. We wanted to know if any of these ideas have changed post-Covid.

This will help with our regional recovery plan and to plan what the council needs to do to help our district continue to thrive.

You filled up our jars with 715 ideas



Between 10 July and 10 August, we asked you:

  • What’s your big idea for Carterton?
  • Have our district’s needs changed in the last year?
  • What things would you like the council to focus on for the next 10 years? We received 715 ideas in total. Thank you to everyone in the community who joined the conversation. From here, we will be sorting looking over all the ideas and having some discussions before deciding on a direction for our draft Long-Term Plan 2021-2031.

What happens next?

The council has been reading through all 715 ideas and looking at the common themes. Some ideas were quite ambitious! 

View them all here*
*duplicate ideas such as ‘McDonalds’, profanities and personal details have been removed.

We need to look at which ideas are achieveable for a small council like ours, and which ones are community-led projects we can support. The draft 2021-2031 Long-Term plan will be put together towards the end of the year, with your ideas helping the council consider what type of things may be able to be included.

The council will then consult with residents in early 2021 to give you a final say on the items it is proposing to include.

Ideas already put into action

  • Many of you mentioned you wanted the High Street pavements cleaned. Our Parks and Reserves team has already performed one steam clean, with a follow up scheduled to get it looking top notch. We are also reviewing the frequency of our High Street pavement cleaning to help maintain it to a high standard.
  • Some people asked for drought resistant planting to be used. The council’s Policy and Strategy committee recently adopted a civic garden watering policy which formalises the approach we took last summer to water council gardens with non-potable (non drinking) bore water. It also means we will now try to incorporate more drought resistant planting as part of our overall parks and reserves maintenance.
IMG 2904

Big ideas in our jar